Abridged Riemann's Last Theorem Article

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The Abridged Riemann's Last Theorem article is a condensed version of the original Riemann's Last Theorem article, which was originally longer and more detailed. In order to create a more concise version of the article, some parts were removed or modified. One such modification was the inclusion of the Identity theorem, which allowed the article to be shortened to just 6 pages. The Identity theorem is a fundamental concept in complex analysis that helps to establish the analytic continuation of a function, which is essential to the proof of Riemann's Last Theorem. By including this theorem in the abridged version of the article, readers can still gain a solid understanding of the proof while saving time and effort.

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For many years, numerous mathematical theories have been developed with the belief that Riemann's last theorem is true. As a result, mathematicians around the world have devoted significant efforts to maintaining the validity of these theories. Despite the challenges faced by several of the best mathematical minds, the theorem remained unproven for over one and a half centuries. However, this work has brought forth groundbreaking results by providing the much-awaited proof for Riemann's hypothesis. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the history of mathematics, as the theorem has been an unsolved problem for so long. 

With the theorem now proven, the mathematical community can build on this knowledge and explore new directions in research. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of continued efforts to solve mathematical problems, no matter how difficult they may seem. The proof of Riemann's last theorem is a significant contribution to the field of mathematics and will undoubtedly have lasting impacts for years to come.

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